1-Winding system is proportional valve and can be operated at the desired speed.
Works with hydraulic system.
 It is faster and more durable and increases the number
of bales produced because the stretch is more stretched. (As other manufacturers
use electric motors, it runs slowly and has a lower service life.)

2-Machine housing cover system is proportional valve, can work with two-stage
variable speed.
 (Other manufacturers using straight valves , Our machine faster than

3- The mesh system works with hydromotor and works healthier and harder. (Other manufacturers using the lining therefore their engine life short and unhealty)

4-The machine body gears are locked bushes and ensure stable and healthy
operation in the center of the rotor shaft. Prolongs the life of sprocket, chain ball
bearings and retractor.
 (Other manufacturers using the use of wedge system in
machine gears is cheaper and inefficient.)

5- Double-sided felt is applied in the machine housing bearing system and prevents any object and leakage coming into the bed from outside and prolongs the service life of the machine ball. (Other manufacturers use single-sided felt)

6-Automatic lubrication is applied to all chain and gear systems of our machine. This system extends the life of chain and sprocket and prevents malfunction. (Other manufacturers do not have such a system)

7-Automatic lubrication is applied in all ball and bearing systems of our machine. This system extends the life of chain and sprocket and prevents malfunctions.(Other manufacturers do not have such a system)

8-Since our machine works with proportional system, there are double hydraulic
pump and double cooler system. As the hydraulic pump and coolant are double, it
prevents the hydraulic oil of the machine from heating up. Makes the machine work more efficiently and faster in performance.
 (Other manufacturers have a single pump and a single cooler. This causes the oil to heat up quickly and reduce theperformance of the machine.)

-As shown in the information given above, our product is much more
quality and useful than all competitors.

-This product is produced for our customers to use Kom Silage Machine
in a more comfortable and healthy way