Our company serving as Kom Mill the entire Turkey since 1985, manufactures silage packaging machines with high technology with experience in the industry, knowledge, specialized squad.

Our silage packaging machines, which are produced by elite R & D department and offered to our farmers, have high technology. Komsilaj KM series Packing machines; designed for the packaging of beet pulp, clover silage, maize silage and all roughage crops and thus it has been the greatest supporter of our farmers.

Kom Silaj producing all machines in the light of quality philosophy; focused on high technology in its operations

Our company tries to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in line with customer needs and demands, supports quality development with the participation of all employees. Kom Silaj respecting the environment, giving confidence to its customers and acting according to the wishes of its customers..

Our company which educates its employees with the awareness of continuous development and improvement, become leader in Konya  and represents its technology in sector and carry it the whole of Turkey and overseas market.